Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July!

I just love these little patriotic babies!  Of course they got all decked out in their flag tees, but I just couldn't bear to put my precious angel girl in a tee shirt when she could have this gorgeous dress!!!
I found it online when she was first born and my mom found it on clearance a month later and snatched it up.  It had been hanging in the closet just for this day and it lived up to my cuteness expectations!  :)  I tried to get a hundred pics of them together but the cat insisted on getting into every single shot.  Check out how funny they thought this was....

They seriously could not control their laughter.  I wanted to be annoyed, but could not muster up the strength for annoyance with such joy radiating from these guys!  There was not so much joy the night before when Wyatt realized that there really would be no fireworks.  To say he was heartbroken is putting it lightly.  The child is obsessed with fireworks - pretty much not a week goes by without him asking how much longer till firework day.  And he could tell you where every single firework stand within a 20 mile radius is located.  Josh works all holidays unless they fall on his off days, so it was a pretty bland day.  To perk Wyatt up we decided we would invite all the grandparents over for a Wii night, which made the boys super happy.  This was our first official Wii night to invite people over for, so we were pleased it went well.  It was a nice and relaxing way to celebrate together sans fireworks.

To end the night was decided to release our butterflies that we have been growing.  They came in the mail as caterpillars and now they were ready to be released, which was a nice end to the night.  Can you see the excitement on all their faces as they flew out?  Surprisingly they did NOT want to leave the little cage.  It took forever to get them all out.

The boys were pretty wired after everybody left and they went to bed and must have come out a dozen times.  One time they came in and they saw I was watching fireworks on TV and it was really nice cause I let them snuggle with me on the couch and watch the show.  Since they usually go to bed by 7:30 it is pretty strange to snuggle with them in the dark on the couch, so it was really nice.  They were even so cheeky that they convinced me they should sleep in my bed with me since it was firework day.  Ohhhhh, I fell for their foolishness, and I can't even imagine a better way to end the day! 

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Michelle said...

Fun! Our butterflies never want to leave either! I love Annie's dress and the pics of the 3 of them together! I got cute shirts, hairbows etc. for the 4th and never even put them on my kids. I LOVE the 4th but with being in the hospital the night before and no fireworks... it was like it never happened! :)