Thursday, July 07, 2011

Star Wars at the Health Museum

Since Josh was diagnosed with leukemia we have just not had much time to get out and about with the kiddos.  Usually on Wednesdays we go do something together as a family.  Lots of times it is to museums or some kind of event, others it can just be the park or something local.  But the point is that we get out of the house and have fun together.  Because of Josh's schedule we can really only go do this kind of stuff on Wednesdays, which for the past 2.5 months has been occupied with doctors visits.  So last week when we were completely free we were so excited to take the kids to see the new Star Wars exhibit at the Health Museum.  We had seen an ad for it but had forgotten about it, so when we went to the museum website and remembered we just knew we had to take the boys.  And when we walked in and Wyatt of all people went running and screaming "an X-wing!!!" we knew they were going to have a great time.
They had so much stuff on display!!  We have been to 2 or 3 other displays similar to this, but this one was by far the most complete and interesting.  Wyatt is not a huge Star Wars fan and he was even really thrilled by all of it.  I was really shocked by the size of everything - the Wookies are HUGE!!

In addition to all the characters they had tons of droids, guns, and light sabers.  We had never seen any of these before and they were really awesome.  And then they also had lots of the ships and fighters.
One of Noah's favorite things that he saw was this woman from Tatooine.  For some reason he was really tickled that they didn't just have the man.

And I was most tickled by the fact that Wyatt was exactly the same size as this Jawa.  All he needs is the little robe!  After we looked at all the exhibits we went for our ride on the Millennium Falcon, which was quite exciting.
They had this entire mock up of the hallway and cockpit of the Falcon and we were all way impressed with it.  There are 4 seats and you get to sit inside and really feel like you are flying through space!  The lights go off and the buttons on the walls light up and then you watch this planetarium like show, narrated by C-3PO, through the cockpit window.  Wyatt was terrified at first, but Noah and Annie were in hog heaven!  And I'm fairly certain Josh was feeling the same way!

Since this is already the world's longest post I will write about the rest on another day!  :)

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Michelle said...

How neat! Zach & Colby would love this! Glad you were able to fitin a fun family day!