Thursday, September 08, 2011


Noah has finally decided that he wants to play a sport!  There were many times before that he told us he wanted to join a team, only to back out at the last minute.  But not this time! I think you can tell how excited he was about going to his first practice.  I'm not really sure what that pose means, but he insisted on doing it.  :)

Josh took both the boys to the first practice cause I was just too nervous to go! There is not much more in life that upsets me than my kiddos feeling bad - either cause someone is mean to them, or they realize they are not good at something, or whatever.  I was just too tense about it!  I was so relieved when they came home and Josh said it went beautifully.  You can tell how much Noah loved it.  Wyatt, well, he got a bit bored watching.
I am so pleased with all of it!  It is through the YMCA so there are not that many games, and it seems to be a bit laid back. We took Noah shopping for his soccer gear and he was thrilled to get red socks, red shorts, and even a red ball.  The boy loves red!!  I'm not sure what they will wear for their games yet, but at he's happy to at least wear it all to practice.  Ha!  Josh said his coach seemed really great - firm with the kids and yet Noah loved him and thought he was funny.  He even prayed with the kids at the end of practice!  Can't beat that, right?

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