Friday, September 30, 2011


So last week we came home from Friday School to find an 80 degree house.  You know, when the thermostat was set at 72.  Ohhh, so sad.  Long story short, we had to get a whole new system.  Horrible, right?  We were pretty shocked too.  In the mean time we had to find somewhere to stay, cause of the weekend, so we announced we were spending the night at my parents.  Can you even imagine the excitement?  Only Noah has ever slept there, so Wy was pretty pumped.  I was less than enthusiastic about dealing with Annie without a crib, but it all worked out well.  Do you see how much they loved the air mattress? 
And then they had the best morning ever - donuts with Daddy and Grandpa while watching the new Clone Wars on the patio.

A little boys dream come true, right?  They were pretty happy about it.  :)  Annie was not too sure about the donuts...

I think she was truly confused about not sleeping at home.  What we expected to be one night turned into two nights, and then we still had a third night with no AC at home. So thankful for my parents letting us invade their life for three straight days!! 

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