Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dropping the bottle!

So perhaps you thought this would be a big "we got Annie off the bottle announcement."  Well, it's not.  I seriously don't think this child will EVER be off the bottle.  Just like always, I am humbled cause I never understood how people couldn't get their babies off bottles.  Seems easy, right?  Just give them a cup and that's that.  That's how it worked for both the boys.  And then came Annie.  If you remember Annie lost weight for the first 2 weeks after she was born breastfeeding, and then it took us $85 bucks worth of bottles  just to get her to take one.  And she barely took that.  And even up until her birthday it was a struggle to get her to take the bottle.  So I figured this would be easy.  Well, she has the same problem with cups.  She is HORRIBLE at them.  I mean, she can use them, but she just will not sit and drink a large quantity at one time.  She seemed to get better there for a few weeks, but has regressed.  I got her down to just a morning bottle and night bottle, but these last two sick weeks I've been giving her a third.  Oh well, I guess it will happen at some point.  Our doc is pretty pushy about getting off the bottle, but she said for Annie she would make an exception.  Even she remembers what a nightmare it was getting this child to eat!  :)  She seems to do best with these soft straw types.  Well, until her brothers come along and do funny things....

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