Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin science!

I guess for some reason for the last few weeks, while sickness has been traveling through our house, the only thing I had the strength to teach was science!  I downloaded this super cute science bundle for only fifty cents!  You know I'll buy anything if it is less than a dollar!  ;)  The first experiment we did was with pumpkins.  It was your basic stuff...  predicting the circumference, weight, height and if it would float.  You see they had to turn on the spooky cauldron to do this.  Ha!
We took it out front to test the floating part, which REALLY surprised them.  They were so shocked something so heavy could float!  The assignment also had them test other fruits and veggies, which was really fun.  They love it when they get to use the clip boards for school!  I was pleased with the download because it had stuff for both Wyatt and Noah.  Wyatt drew the results of the experiment and you can see Noah filling in his predictions.

Next up will be "The Black Bloom Of Doom" if I could only remember to pick up a carnation at the grocery store....

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