Tuesday, October 11, 2011

He's growing up!!

So a couple of weeks ago the time finally came to take the training wheels off!  We went to the park with some people from First Class and he saw two of the little boys with no training wheels.  Right then and there he stated that when he got home he wanted to take his off.  You know, cause we've only been telling him we should do this for months and he was adamant that he did not want to.  Little did I know it only took seeing some friends with them off to encourage him!  :)
Josh and I have been dreading this day, cause you know Noah is not one to persevere through something difficult.  But since he started soccer he has really taken to this idea of practicing to get better at something.  Well the boy shocked the pants off us.  Josh just gave him a little shove and off he went - he didn't fall a single time!  I would have been a million bucks it would take weeks to teach him this.  I love it when he surprises us!

The only thing he needed help with was getting started, and you know two days later he figured that out as well.  We are so proud of him!  You can see how surprised Josh is in that last picture that he didn't need any help.  And just so no one calls the bad parents police, we did start making him wear a helmet.  His helmet is just HUGE to fit his square head, so we worried it might throw him off balance for the first time.  But he wears it now and is doing great.  Annie loved watching him too!
Wyatt was a little sad cause he couldn't do it and has since asked us to take his training wheels off too.  We have to fix the tire on the little bike and we're going to let him have a shot at it with that one before he tries on the big bike.  He balances really well on his scooter, so who knows!  Noah surprised us so maybe Wy will too!

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