Saturday, March 23, 2013

Camp Bovay - Part 1!

I just had to take a picture of Josh's first time in his official Den Leader gear!  If you had said to me 17 years ago when I first met Josh that we would get married,  have three babies and he would be a cub scout den leader I never would have believed you!  Not even a little bit.  He is the best.  For real.  :)

He took Noah J on his first ever overnight campout with his pack to Camp Bovay this weekend. We thought we would all go as a family, but we were told that Wyatt would not be able to participate in any of the activities.  We figured he would be so very sad so we decided that I would stay home with the two littles.  Wyatt got to spend the night with his grandma and grandpa and pretty much had his dream weekend, so that helped to ease the pain of Noah camping without him.  Check out our new instant tent... it really goes up in just a minute.  It is pretty great!  Noah called me Friday night telling me how excited he was to be camping right next to a beautiful lake. 
We really had no idea what to expect as far as the trip went, but he was thrilled cause he knew he might get to earn his BB Shooting Belt Loop.  Don't ya just love that little smooshy face?!  Josh took tons of pics for me since I had to miss it all.  So be warned!

They started off the day Saturday with a session on soccer.  Noah really loves soccer but hasn't played since we didn't join the YMCA group again this year.  You can see how much fun he had.  I just love all his smiles on the field. 

They finished that up with a game of kickball.  He seemed to really like that too.  Since we aren't part of school that has official PE classes he hadn't ever experienced kickball.  Ohh, I hated the pressure of kickball when I was a kid, LOL.  :)

I will have to say the scouts know exactly what little boys like cause their next activity was digging up fossils.  And his dig ended in the best way possible with a giant shark tooth! 

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Michelle said...

Glad Noah enjoyed it! Great pictures!