Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Interactive Theater fun!

The best thing we have added to our schedule this school year has been multiple trips to go see the Interactive Theater Company.  They have special homeschool shows that don't cost too much and are  perfect time for us.  And it is so nice cause they are in the Heights which is convenient and easy since we are familiar with the area.  The plays have been so funny - Noah and Wyatt laugh hysterically the entire time.  Annie really loves them too,  but some of the loud speaking/yelling makes her kind of nervous.  But I don't mind cause that means we get to snuggle!  The first show of the season Noah got pulled up on stage and got to play a part.  He was either Lewis or Clark, I can't remember.  I was so shocked he was brave enough to get up there.  He is constantly surprising me!  The boys requested that I put gel in their hair and spike it up in the front this particular day.  They were so cute... it hardly looks different but they really thought they looked fancy!  My favorite part of the day is that we always go to Berryhill's afterwards for lunch.  They insisted that I snap their picture on this bench in the parking lot. 

And they were super excited that for the last show of the season Joshua stayed awake and came with them. 

Can't wait for all of the new shows next year!

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