Tuesday, December 03, 2013

World's Larget Gingerbread House!

As soon as I heard about this on the news I knew we MUST go see it. A  huge walk-in gingerbread house?!  Yes please!! 

We surprised the kids with an unexpected trip to College Station to check it out.  We didn't tell them what it was, just that it was the "world's largest something."  They had tons of guesses but were shocked when we got there.

The inside was wooden but the outside was real gingerbread! Noah loved how it smelled and was desperate to have a bite of it!

We were surprised to find out that Santa was inside.  We were even more surprised that little girl ran right up to him and jumped into his lap!  My parents took to her see Santa at Bass Pro and she waited in the whole line but then refused to go see him.  She stood from afar, waved, and told him "Santa, you my best friend!"  So you can understand how surprised we were.  I think she kind of surprised herself, too, cause the longer she sat there the more nervous she got!

You can see on her face how she is second guessing the whole thing!  She is so funny!

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