Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snow!! (at least what Houston calls snow!)

Alright, I'm gonna admit this is not exactly snow.  More of a pellet, dippin dots like creation falling from the sky, but we count it as snow in H-town!  But I figure if you can create a snowman with it then it for sure can be called snow.  Please don't laugh at our sad, sad, tiny snowman.  We were really proud of him!  And see the even teensier one?  That was Annie's bitsy man.  He was definitely the more pathetic one but she loved him!

Perhaps the best part was the trampoline!  They slipped and slid and threw themselves all around.  They had so much fun!  Even Annie got in on the slipping action but we didn't get any pics.   Love the little action shot Picasa made of Noah falling!  Cracks me up!

Praying for another cold winter next year so we can get real, actual snow again!!

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