Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day boxes!

We were happy to go to our annual Valentine's Day party with our homeschool group again this year.  They kids had been planning their boxes for months now and we were super pleased with how they turned out. 

Rosie of course requested a "Punzel tower."  She helped do all of it and was the most thrilled with the little pic of her from Halloween that we put in the tower window. 

Wyatt requested a Minecraft creeper box and spent FOREVER glueing all the pieces on all by himself.  Made me a bit nervous to hand over the glue gun but he did a great job!

Noah stuck with his love of Harry Potter and made this Monster Book of Monsters.  It was actually the easiest to make!  And the super exciting part was that he won for his age group and came home with a gift card to Hobby Lobby!

I'm thinking next year I'll actually let Annie skate!  This year, though, she was happy to hang out eating snacks with her friends!

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