Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day!

Look at these little cuties all waiting for their Valentine's Day surprises!!  Well, I guess two of them waited patiently and the other couldn't stand it any longer!  This year each of the kiddos got a stuffed animal as usual, a candy, and this time a movie.  They were thrilled!

Annie got the movie Brave, which she immediately fell in love with. She doesn't call the main character Merida, she calls her "Brave Annie."  It is pretty adorable and has been quite convenient cause we are able to remind her that she is Brave Annie whenever she gets scared!

The boys of course got bears along with the next two Harry Potter movies!  They both love them some HP so they were thrilled to now be the owners of 4 of the movies.  And of course the day was completed with a batch of Valentine's Day heart cookies!

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