Friday, June 23, 2006

World's Cutest Overalls!

So Noah J finally got to wear his new overalls this week! They had to be saved for just the right occasion - you know when you get back from the pool and you had to ride in the car and you were cold? They were the perfect warm you up, but not too much after the pool outfit. They were a birthday gift from Ms. Jessica and Mr. Keri that he really loves to play with - all of the designs on it are evidently facinating. :)

In the pics he's chewing on a calculator - I know, maybe not the best toy, but he absolutely loves it. He has 2 different calculators that he carry's around everywhere. You can see he also enjoyed chewing on the string on Daddy's wet swim trunks. Silly boy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh My goodness!! He is adorable in them! I am so glad that you liked them!!!