Sunday, June 25, 2006

Our Day at the Beach!

We had so much fun at the beach today! But I can say that I certainly know 3 people who will be going to bed early! We left the house at 8:30 this morning, picked up Grandma, Grandpa and the rest of the Slavik clan, and headed for Galveston. The car ride was a little long for Noah J, but it was worth it in the end!

Grandpa rented us some umbrellas and chairs, and we had a blast. Noah immediately was in love with all of the sand. He went straight for the big pile of sand that had been plowed up and started digging in it. He then decided he should lay in the sand - and of course it stuck to him because of the massive amounts of sunscreen we put on him. Then we took him to the water and he did not like it at all. He immediately started crying - even before he got wet. So the majority of the day was spent on the beach, not in the water.

After a couple of hours we coaxed him into the water again, but he still didn't really like it. He was so enthralled with the birds that actually would kind of come close to him, but was really frustrated he couldn't touch them. He also had lots of fun with those little sand scraper things that you can dig with. Our afternoon ended with a delicious cold fried chicken lunch, courtesty of Grandma's kitchen. He immediately zonked out in the car on the way back, just as we all wanted to.

The only downside to the day was that Uncle Aaron got stung by a jellyfish! We felt really bad for him, but we were all glad it didn't happen to us! :) We had a great time, but with all of the clean up and everything, I'm glad we won't be going again till next summer!! ;-)

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