Friday, June 02, 2006

Cracker Snacker

My little one has been sick! Wednesday night he was just crying and crying, and turned out he had bad diarrhea! SO we were very saddened to have to let him sleep in our bed with us. Since he had NEVER been in our bed to sleep he was jus so confused. He sat up for the first 45 minutes or so leaning against me staring at the little green light on the smoke alarm. And then in an instant he just feel backwards and was completely out! It was so funny - Josh and I had to really try hard to not to laugh at him! At this point it was about 3:15 or so, so you can imagine we were all exhausted. And then trying to sleep with this one cramming his little scratchy toes all over my legs and stomach was quite interesting. But I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!! He actually snuggled with us and it was phenomenal. I will say that I wasn't feeling phenomenal in the morning, though!

He was sick all day Thursday still and at this point has gotten the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. And he screams, cries, and shakes all during his diaper changes - which is all the time. So we're feeling super sad for him! He seems to feel really well during the other times and then is just upset before he goes and when his stomach is rumbly and cramping. The nurse told us NO milk - and you know how much my baby loves his milk! And she said only starchy foods - lots of rice, potatoes, bread, etc. So he's been living off of grape and orange Pedialyte and bread. He's refusing potatoes, except for tonight. We picked up french fries on our way home from the pharmacy and the boy ate almost the whole container full. His stomach was HUGE!!! He has eaten like 3 bites of food in the last 2 days, so I don't feel guilty about the fries!

The other thing he's eating are saltine crackers!!! They say its like one of the first finger foods to give babies, but it just scared me to give it to him. I was completely afraid he would choke. He was SOOOOO excited to bite into the cracker and hear it crunch. Thats what these pictures are - his first crackers!!

Let me see, what else.......... oh yes, in the midst of my trying to care for my extremely upset baby on Thursday, I've been on the phone with the dr's office and I'm talking to my mom and Noah walks into the room with a poopy diaper with poop all over him. AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I swear, the only thing I can think is that this kid got into the trashcan and pulled it out. Then Josh calls me to say he's not feeling well and he's coming home from work. I was SOOOO frazzled. But I got the poop cleaned up and my wonderful mother went to the store for us and brought us some much needed supplies. I went to wal-mart Thursday morning and spent 50 bucks on supplies - 3 kinds of diaper cream, new diapers, Pedialyte, etc. Then I talked to the nurse and she told me to get totally different stuff. So my mom got us A&D ointment, tons of Pedialyte, potatoes, a hundred different bread products, gatorade, different diapers that didn't stick to his bum as much, Aveeno bath powder, and a ton of other stuff. Don't I have the best mother in the world????? Everything we could possibly need for 1 sick baby and 1 sick man. My mom is the best!!! :-)

Noah seems to be much better now, but I think its cause he's not eating much or drinking milk. His diaper rash is still terrible, so we picked up a prescription rash cream today from the doctor. Let's hope it fixes him up! My brother was sick Wednesday night too and he's already feeling better, so I'm hoping Noah J will be too! Josh felt much better today (I think it was my homemade chicken noodle soup!) but still didn't want to go to work! :) he he he

OK, I think I just told the most confusing story ever, so sorry about jumping around so much! If its too much just look at the pics of my beautiful baby and just be happy!

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