Friday, July 14, 2006

Time out for some juice!

I thought this moment was just too cute to pass up - Noah J and Adeline sippin' from their cups at the park yesterday! Noah had tons of fun, but the mosquitos were a nightmare! By the end of the day yesterday we counted 9 bites just on his head/neck alone!

Since Adeline is an older lady I was hopeful Noah would pick up on her ability to climb the stairs and go down the slide by himself just like her. No such luck though. He wouldn't even climb the stairs - he was a bit freaked by them. I guess cause they're big black metal things - nothing like the stairs and Grandma and Grandpa's!

He also got to hang at the pool in the afternoon with Aunt Christy and cousin Joe, and then got treated to dinner at The Outback by Granny! And luckily for him, on the way home we stopped at Target and bought some bug spray!

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Kelly said...

Noah had a full day that day! We had fun playing. Hopefully Adeline won't yell 'No' all the time next time. Wait til Noah does it, then they can yell 'No' back and forth to each other. It'll be great!
I love the look they are giving each other in the picture. Like they are inspecting something. Too funny!