Sunday, July 16, 2006

So maybe we're just a little concerned!

Besides the pager, Noah's other obsession is shoes. He is constantly bringing them to us - getting them out of the closet, from the front door, and just about anywhere else we dump them. We used to put them on thinking it was cute, but now we've created a special place where we put all the shoes each time he brings us some. Of course this spot is not the closet like it should be, but thats a whole other story!

Today Noah J brought me one of my heels from the closet and wanted me to put them on his foot. So I put it on him, and pulled some of his jammies through this little hole on the top of the shoe, and that kid was so darn happy to walk all over the house in that shoe. He walked up and down the hallway listening to it clack on the tile. When it fell off he got hysterical until we put it on his foot again. And of course, all the while, dragging his blanky with him!

Notice his absolutely adorable new pj's his Granny got him. Josh and I were so obsessed with his cuteness in them that we didn't dress him till after noon! He looks like a baby in them instead of such a big boy! Now I think this is the only type of jammies he will ever get!

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