Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Such a little boy!

My baby bear has decided that he thinks its absolutely hysterical to burp. When he does it he stares at us with this huge grin on his face waiting for us to react. So of course I laugh and carry on about it and he burps again. Then I laugh, then he burps, then I laugh, then he burps. Well, this goes on until he can no longer summon any burps.

So tonight in the bathtub he burps. And we laugh and then Josh burps back at him. Well he just couldn't stop laughing. And then my boys had a burp off. I think its quite possibly the happiest Josh has ever been! :) And when Noah J couldn't burp anymore he did this looooooooong, deeeeeeeeeep growl instead thinking we couldn't tell the difference. He's too funny!

And last night I caught the boy asleep sitting up in his crib. He turned his music on around midnight right when I was going to bed. So I went to check on him and turn his fan off like I do every night, and he was sitting up. Thinking he was awake I walked in and started talking to him and realized he was asleep sitting up in the corner!!!!!!!!! Of course I woke him so then I got to have some sweet nighttime rocking in the glider! OOOOOO, my favorite! I guess his music just lulled him right to sleep!

Sorry I don't have any picks this week! He's become such a monster grabbing at the camera its been hard lately!

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