Sunday, July 16, 2006

Page Dr. Marlatt!! STAT!!!

Noah J has a total obsession with Josh's pager. And we've always just let him play with it cause its really not a big deal. Or so we thought. A couple of weeks ago all of Noah's excessive slobber drenched it so much that it stopped working. So Josh got a new one from his job (of course not telling them really what happened to the old one). So we took the battery out of this one and now its his to play with. He was so funny walking around with it on his waist today! Of course he still wanted the one Josh has so we had to constantly remind him of the one on his own pair of pants!

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Kelly said...

Isn't that funny how they always know what the "real" object is? We gave Adeline an old cell phone of Josh's and she still only wants the ones that are actually working. How does she even know? Crazy kids! He knows that the pager he has isn't the real one. You can't fool him! :-)