Monday, October 16, 2006

Galveston, Moody Gardens, and Kemah!

So I guess it was 2 weeks ago now that Josh's relatives came down from Kentucky to visit. They wanted to go to Galveston so Noah J got another trip to see the ocean!

He was a holy terror all the way there, but liked running around in the sand again. He even stood in the water for just a minute until the tide came in and he got scared and tried to run away. Obviously he couldn't run in the almost knee deep water so he fell and then had to cry. So within about 2 minutes of getting there we already had to take off his soaking wet shorts! The 2nd picture is of him crying and pointing to that mean old ocean that got him!

The crazy thing is that the water was just beautiful - it was this gorgeous green color instead of the nasty brown that is so common to Galveston. We had never seen it that way before! And the water was actually cool - last time we went the water temp was in the upper 80's - it barely felt better than just sitting in the sun!

After our brief visit to the beach we decided to go to Moody Gardens where we toured the aquarium and the Rainforest pyramid. Since Noah loves fish so much he had a grand time. The nice part about it is that unlike at the zoo where there are all kinds of things he can get into, since this was indoors he could pretty much just run where be pleased (at least in the aquarium). It was really neat - we had only been to the rainforest part before.

After our tour we drove out to Kemah to have lunch. We ate at Landry's and it was delcious, and afterwards Noah got to play on the boardwalk. He even had his first carousel ride! We're not really sure if he liked it or not - but at least he didn't cry!

NOTE: Blogger won't let me upload anymore pics, so I'll put the rest up later!

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