Sunday, October 01, 2006

The zoo again!

NOTE: I've been trying to upload these pics for weeks now! Sorry this post is so old!!

We were thinking it was about time to take Noah J to the zoo again, and since Josh's vacation started this weekend we decided to go today. We had extra fun cause Aaron, Christy, Joseph, and Christy's sister Brenda got to come have fun too!

Once again, instead of being interested in the animals, Noah was mostly interested in pushing the stroller around. He did really like petting the goats, which we didn't let him do last time. He picked one goat as his favorite and then followed it around the whole time. He even gave the goat a hug!!

He really liked the fish in the aquariums again. But of course he wouldn't say fish for us. He was kinda in a bad mood, but I think it was cause it was SO hot out. He got his first taste of Cherry Icee which he found to be pleasingly delicious!

On the way out he found this rubber snake in the gift shop that he instantly became attached to, so he got to bring it home. He really likes to bite its head!! We had lots of fun but look forward to going again when its a bit cooler!

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