Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Our talking machine!

Much to our relief, little Noah J has finally started saying some words!!! We are very excited cause we kind of set this 18 month deadline before we started taking him to see the speech therapist. Now it looks like we don't have to worry about that!

He started with the word "fish" a few weeks ago. The best part is that he will actually say it if I ask him to. You know he is extremely hard headed and when we ask him to do something (that we know he can do) he usually just looks at us and laughs. Don't get me wrong - there are still TONS of times that he chooses not to say something!

He has also said "Grandpa." Can you even believe that? He's also finally saying "mama' sometimes. And "ruff ruff" for the puppy dog. He also said "apple" and the absolute best one is "love you." We're very excited!!

The pic is from Moody Gardens - he really wasn't too sure about puting his hand into the water to touch the starfish. But his daddy got him to do it!

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Kelly said...

Yay! You knew he would talk...he just hd to do it in his own time. You are so lucky he says "love you". We can't get Adeline to say that. :-( Maybe Noah can teach her how!