Sunday, September 23, 2007


If you know Noah, you know that quite possibly his favorite place on earth is Kemah! He gets to go with Grandma and Grandpa occasionally, and those are just his favorite days. He asks about it all the time! Well, after his difficult week this week PaPa decided he just needed to go this Saturday, and I actually got an invite as well! I was excited to get some pics of them having fun. He loves to ride the carousel (he always rides the pig), the airplane ride, the train, and he really liked the playground (he thought he was hot stuff climbing up that ladder instead of taking the stairs). He seemed to really enjoy his lunch as well - he thought it was really funny that he put his fork into his garlic bread and ate it off the fork. Once again, Wyatt's favorite part of the day was the ride home - the heat just makes him completely lifeless during the day and then he gets hyped up in the car. All three of us took a nap during the second half of the trip home - it was an exhausting day!

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