Thursday, September 06, 2007

First day of MDO

So Noah J had his first day of mother's day out today! We are so proud of him!! This was the first time he had ever been away from us and with strangers for more than an hour. We decided it would be best if Daddy dropped him off this morning, and Josh said he screamed and cried as he left him. But when we got there this afternoon he was asleep on his napmat! Can you even believe he actually slept? We were just shocked. I made him this napmat and he seemed to really like laying on it, but I just couldn't imagine him sleeping on it.

And his teacher said he did really well. She said he started to get upset and cry around lunchtime, but when he opened his lunch kit and saw the picture I taped inside he got really excited! It made me so happy! She said he really loved it and got angry when they covered it! And he used his Thomas napkin I made him - you can see it folded off to the left side in the picture of his lunch. Isn't it cute? I also made him an elmo one, an elephant one, and then some halloween themed ones with cats and pumpkins and such. He will be so excited to find them in his lunch!

Of course I made him this great lunch and all he ate was the heart shaped sandwich, some jello fingers, and half a strawberry. He didn't even eat the cookies! But when we got home he was happy to sit at the table and gobble the rest up! As the afternoon wore on he got happier about the whole ordeal and said he wants to go back to school next week. Phew!! He told us that he colored, painted with a paintbrush, saw a puppy and played with the kids on the playground and that he made a friend named Jack. I'm not sure how much of this is true, but he sure seemed happy to tell us about it!

Josh and I really enjoyed our day off - we still had Wyatt but it was so much easier with just one! We got the yard done and even went off and did some window shopping! I am so proud of my little boy!

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The Howard Family Blog said...

Laura, you are out of control!!! But i love it all :) Yeah for Noah I am know you are so relieved it went well. Claire cried every time we dropped her off last year and she went yesterday and didn't cry at all! Yeah. There is hope!!! Enjoy your time.