Monday, September 24, 2007

Wyatt practicing sitting

A couple of weeks ago Wy couldn't sit up at without toppling right over, but just this past week he has gotten so much better! We've been putting him in the boppy to practice and he really seems to like it. Noah J couldn't sit in it at all - he would just fall straight backwards. Wyatt tends to lean more forward and his gut kind of keeps him from falling!

Anyways, he was having so much fun I decided to snap some pictures. I love the one with his arm to the side - he just looks so casual, like he's been sitting up his whole life!

He also got super excited that Lily came by to see him while he was sitting there - I made some video, but for some reason on Youtube it came out really dark - it doesn't look like that on our screen. Oh well, you can still hear how excited he is!

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