Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lots of pictures from a fun evening!

So we went over to G&G's house to watch/listen to all the football games and to eat dinner tonight. Noah was so very excited cause he got a "Gaggie" shirt today. I have no clue why, but he calls the Aggies the Gaggies. I think cause we were trying to get him to say "gig 'em aggies" and he just smooshes it all together. Anyways, he was was excited about it. We found it at Academy and it was a 3T and after I washed it it was teeny tiny, but Noah still insisted on wearing it. He had tons of fun playing with Joseph and really liked the teeter totter. The pic where he's just standing their awkwardly is right after he finished trying to give the gig 'em thumbs up - he totally can't do it, but thinks he can with his pointer finger instead - you can see how tickled he is with himself. My parents also removed their pond but haven't filled it in yet, so they were pumped up about playing in a hole. YOu can for sure tell which one is my child - no shorts or shoes of course! The other pics are just my little patoot in his aggie gear - I had to buy him size 18 months!

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