Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Most Beautiful Day Ever!

Can I just tell you that today was the most perfect day to go to the beach? We wanted to go this summer but never seemed to have the time, so we decided yesterday that today would be a perfect day. We were inspired by my friend, Megan, who took her family in the evening and it looked really nice. Well, it was! It wasn't hot and miserable like most daytime, summer beach trips are. We go there around 4:00 and left just before 7:00 and it was just ideal. I took 101 pictures, so even if it seems like I'm posting a lot, I'm really not! I'll try to put some captions on them.....

My beautiful Wyatt baby smiling at Grandma.

Wyatt hamming it up for Daddy.

Isn't this just beautiful? Noah and Grandma thinking they are cool in their glasses in the gorgeous sunset light.

Wyatt in his jammies ready to go home. Aren't they so cute? They were new and this was his first time wearing them.

A rare pic of me and my mom!

Noah J doing a little dance in the water . He was SOOO excited by the waves coming in but VERY afraid of them. He would only dance a tiny bit and then he would....

RUN AWAY as fast as he could!!!!!!

After he finally became brave enough to stand in the waves, he would cover his eyes whenever one was going to crash on his legs! Too cute!

Smiling and laughing cause he was so incredibly proud of himself for standing in the ocean.

Me and my boy before we left the house, super excited about the beach!

Noah insisting that he wear his hat like Wyatt. He took it off about 2 seconds after this photo, never to put it on again!

LOVING to dig in the sand! He immediately wanted us to build a tunnel.

Papa and Noah patting down the sand that they are going to build their tunnel in.

Driving the tractor over the tunnel. You would have thought this was the most exciting thing ever! He was so happy.

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