Monday, October 22, 2007

They share EVERYthing!

So we've had quite a week at the Marlatt house. Noah J caught a stomach virus from Maddie and puked for 2 straight days and nights. And then yesterday Wyatt started puking, so you can just imagine how things have been. No sleep for Mom and tons of laundry!

Since Noah was sick I tried to keep the boys away from each other as much as possible. I went to go transfer my never-ending laundry to the dryer so I put Wyatt on the love seat, across the room from Noah on the couch. And look at what I came back to - Noah right in Wyatt's face reading him a book! I was so mad, but they were just so sweet together I ran and got the camera! The other two pics are from Wyatt today after he finally got to have a bottle of formula. He had just been getting Pedialite and water, so he was such a happy boy. And he got to hang out in his cozy jammies all day!

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