Saturday, October 27, 2007

Roasting Hot Dogs

Noah J had a grand old time tonight roasting hot dogs on G&G's new fire pit! He was super excited about the fire and kept asking for more smoke. He also thought that it was fireworks! He kept looking up in the sky and saying "boom boom." It was too funny. Then he immediately ran off and got chairs for him and Joseph to sit in to watch the fire. We were cracking up. He wasn't the best weenie roaster - he wanted to bang the pit with the stick, but he was very happy to eat what he cooked. He also got to make smores later in the night, but he didn't want to eat the roasted marshmallows, just the raw ones. Oh well, more for me, right?

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The Howard Family Blog said...

I am jealous...I want some smores!! Too funny about the fireworks.