Thursday, August 07, 2008

Waiting out Edouard

Since we thought we would be under the attack of a tropical storm on Tuesday we decided to stay home the whole day. Of course we now know there was no reason to do that, but what can I say. By around 11:30 we were getting pretty stir crazy so we decided to entertain the kids with homemade popcorn and picnic in the living room to watch a movie!

Wyatt had never seen the air popper, and he wasn't too happy about it, either. He shook and moaned almost the whole time it was running. But that didn't stop him from reaching into the bowl to grab a bite. I think popcorn may be his favorite food! Noah was of course excited - he loves to make the noises that the machine makes - that's what he's doing in the top picture - he's saying, POP!

We were going to put a new movie in but oddly Noah insisted that we watch A Bug's Life, and he had so much fun. He also insisted that we all lay down on pillows, and he tried to reenact each line from the movie. We couldn't stop laughing at him!

We keep saying on Tuesday nights we are going to start movie night with Noah J, but normally by the time 7:00 rolls around we are ready for some baby free time! Maybe we'll just start with 1 night a month!

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