Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mmmm, popsicles!!

I cannot believe how behind I am in posting! These are actually from a whole month ago - 10/7, but I figure they are just as cute now!

The boys were playing outside and surprise, surprise, they wanted popsicles! Noah is pretty much obsessed with asking for one every day. But it makes SUCH a mess! I make Wyatt eat his with a towel in his lap cause he routinely just lays it down in his lap for minutes at a time. He's so oblivious! So I put Wy in this chair and Noah wanted to sit next to him, so I took the opportunity to get pictures of them together, which you all know I NEVER get.

What I love about these pictures is the progression. This is pretty much how every single thing goes for poor Wyatt. First, they each have their own popsicle and they are happy. Then Noah wants to taste Wyatt's, and evidently he thinks its good. So he lets Wyatt taste his. Then the "asks" if he wants to trade, which basically means Noah is taking it no matter what. Now you can just replace the word "popsicle" with any other food or toy, and thats how Wyatt's whole life is - constantly trading with Noah. But the boy doesn't seem to mind - he even kind of likes it!

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