Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Spooooooky Walk!

A couple of nights before Halloween we thought it would be great fun to take the boys out for a "spooky walk!" Noah was quite intrigued with the idea and couldn't wait to go. That boy just LOVES scary stuff. He gets so excited about all of the Halloween decorations at all of the store and loves to stop and look at people's houses and yards. We have a few people that really go all out just down the street, so I thought they might really like to get to see it at night.

So we ate dinner early, took our baths, got our jammies on and bundled up. They were just so cute in the wagon together! We walked all the way to Noah's favorite house, but when we got there they didn't have any of their stuff turned on. So we walked around and found this other house with that hideous green witch! Isn't it just awful? Noah was a little unsure of it. Cause whenever Josh would take a picture of her she would start talking. But I swear, that is the only thing that made her talk. You could move her or talk to her, but she only responded to the camera flash. CREEPY!

Noah keeps asking, "When we gonna go on that spooky walk again?" Poor boy is gonna have to wait for a while! But we had so much fun we're gonna try and go for a Christmas walk this year - before we always just drove around, but it's so fun to see it all up close!

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