Monday, November 24, 2008

Buzz and Woody

Let's see........ it's just about Thanksgiving, and here I am just now blogging about Halloween! It's been crazy around here. And this room makes me nuts, so I've been avoiding it at all costs!

My boys were not much for picture taking Halloween night, so we only got a few pics. Wyatt took his hat off about a hundred times, and Noah refused to wear his purple hat thing on his head. Wyatt was such a pro - he reminded us of Noah at that age. At each house he tried to walk right in behind the people giving him candy - it was so funny! And he wasn't shy at all - just reaching right in to grab what he wanted. I really think that boy would have gone on all night if we would have let him. Noah was a bit grumpy, so we didn't do too much, but we did walk all the way to his favorite house on the other side of the neighborhood. His favorite part was coming home and taking his sweatbox of a costume off, and then of course eating all the candy! They got to ride in their spooky wagon on the way back, and Noah loved that part too. He was also more than slightly obsessed with his eyebrows - he was so worried we were going to smudge them! We could not stop laughing about those eyebrows, but he looked just like Buzz! All night he kept saying "to infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!"

Now that Halloween is over they still like to play in their costumes, although Wyatt normally wants to wear buzz lightyear. I think I know what he will want to be next year!

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