Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our fireman!

So Noah isn't too too much into dressing up and pretending. I think it's the clothes - he just has to take them off after a minute cause it makes him nuts. But back on the 3rd he was out playing in the back yard and came in and asked if he could turn the hose on. It was hot so I figured why not, so he was one happy boy. About 10 minutes later he came back in and asked for his fireman costume - even the hat!!! I could not believe it. And that boy stood out there and put out fires for close to a half hour! He was having so much fun. He came back in drenched and cold so we immediately hopped in the tub to warm him up! To make a mid-day nap seem more enticing I let the boys have it in my bathtub, which is possibly the most exciting thing to those two. I'll post those cutie pie pics later this week!

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