Friday, July 16, 2010

4th of July!

Like I said before, we already celebrated the fourth earlier in the week, but we got to celebrate twice this year!  We went over to my parents house for my dad's delicious BBQ after Josh woke up.  The kids were quite excited to put on their flag tees, and I even wore my squeezed on non-maternity flag shirt the kids insisted I buy to match theirs!
My dad got the coolest pink, super long smoke bombs, and the kids had a blast using their light sabers to whoosh the smoke all around.  Where on earth do they come up with this stuff?

Please excuse my swollen, non-make-upped face!!!  But I love the boys in that pic - so cute posing with their sabers!  And once again, the face we are starting to all get to know so well....

To finish off the night the boys got cupcakes AND jello with special sparklers in it - you can see what a hit it was!! 

We then rushed home and popped a few more fireworks with G&G, and then crashed into bed exhausted!!!!  The boys were super happy cause I let them go to sleep in our bed cause the fireworks were so loud, although it was difficult for me to doze off with them in there!!

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