Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our early 4th celebration!


So Joshua had to work this 4th, since it did not fall on his weekend, and he has scheduled all his vacation for when Annie arrives.  And my children are OBSESSED with fireworks, so we decided to do an early celebration that Josh could be present for.  So we went and bought way too many fireworks, invited the grandparents over, and planned a special ice cream sundae dessert.  You can see how they enjoyed the smoke bombs and poppers before dark....
I don't really remember what Wyatt was upset about, but you know I just love this face!

And they were both quite tickled with the sundaes we made - I think they have only ever had ice cream at home maybe three or four times before, so this was quite a treat.  Anything with whipped cream and cherries is perfect for Wyatt - I think he actually had more cherries than ice cream!
And lest you think Wyatt is the only one with sad faces, here is Noah J quite upset about his ice cream.  He was so super excited about  the sprinkles and teeny tiny chocolate chips, only to discover that he didn't like it on the ice cream!!!  We told him he had to eat it and he was quite heartbroken.  Of course I gave in and scooped him a plain bowl, and he was a happy boy.  I think he takes after me!!  I can't stand pieces of stuff in my ice cream!  

The nice thing about celebrating this way is that we still got to have a nice dinner and do a few more fireworks on the actual fourth, so we got to celebrate twice!  Of course we are still dealing with Wyatt being heartbroken over the fireworks stands being closed - to this day he still points out every single one we drive by and then gives some sad sad speech about not being able to go there anymore.  So pitiful!!

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