Saturday, July 17, 2010

Getting ready for Annie!

As I'm sure you know, our house has been a construction zone for over a year now.  So when we finally got pregnant with Annie, we were a little overwhelmed cause we knew it would add so much work to our construction list!!  But I'm excited to say that it is finally, slowly, coming together!!

When we moved in to this house, we had a leak from the back of the washer that backed up to what is now Annie's closet - well, it ruined all the carpet in that room.  We cut out the messed up part and just left the rest for a years now.  We didn't worry about it cause it was just an extra room up till now, but we finally had to do something about it. 

Josh painted and replaced the baseboards that were ruined, installed a fan, and we ordered carpet.  As soon as the new carpet was installed I had Josh in there putting the new crib together!  I just need to see things moving along, ya know?

  I think he was just happy to get another box of stuff out of his garage!! :)  Of course the boys felt the need to help out - in the only way they know how - by making a mess!!!!

They immediately ran to get their scissors and started poking holes, cutting packing materials, and just generally creating as many little tiny pieces of cardboard as they could!! 

They are so excited about Annie, and already love her more than you can imagine!  They seriously talk about her every day, and even are happy to snuggle with her (aka me!) on the couch under a blanket!  Noah talks about how beautiful she is going to be, and how he hopes she has hair just like him, but long.  Wyatt can't wait to dress her in little tiny shoes and even picks out clothes he wants her to wear to certain places.  He has 2 hats picked out that he wants to put on her at Kemah!  We finally started washing the clothes we have been collecting, and they want to help me put each piece up in her drawer - they have to look at each piece and so, "Ohhhhhhhh, this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!"  Wyatt says "Annie look adorable in this!"  Just this morning Wyatt stuck his eye up to my belly button and proclaimed "I can see baby Annie in there!!!"  I love it!! 

We have so much more left to do - we're painting the glider white, we're painting the boys old bookshelf, we still need a changing table, and really have no decorations or curtains!  At least I need to make sure to get a shade for the window in case she decides to come early!  We can't wait to meet this little girl!

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Mark and Corrie said...

Oh I love that shade of pink- it's just perfect! How cute are those boys??