Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who needs a skateboard?

One of the things I love about my boys is that they are able to have so much fun doing stuff in the complete wrong way that things were designed to be used.  No problem that they can't skateboard, they have two feet and even a scooter to have fun with!  One of our favorite parks has this ramp thing and the boys just love it.
Last summer Noah J was too scared to go down it on anything with wheels, but with his daddy their to cheer him on a few weeks ago he was so brave!  I love these pictures!
And you can see how Wyatt spent most of his time - on his hands and knees or his rear!  But it didn't keep him from having the time of his life.  Little Annie girl had her first head bruise while we were there, too.  She was sitting on the picnic table while I was right there and she suddenly just fell forward, head first.  She instantly had a red mark/bruise and it looked so sad for a few days!

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