Friday, April 08, 2011

Put put!

Last week before all the madness hit we took the kiddos put put golfing at one of those indoor glow in the dark places.  We had a ton of fun, although it went by so quickly I'm not quite sure if it was worth the money.  I thought for sure it would take us hours to go through it all, but amazingly the kids got ALL hole in ones.  That's right, folks, every single one a hole in one.  :)
They would just push each and every ball all the way to the hole with the club.  Really very smart I kind of think. So we finished the whole course in under a half hour. :)
They also had this game where you could shoot balls from these big gun things and the boys of course thought that was awesome.  Wyatt was pretty concerned with how loud it was, though.
Annie girl and I watched from the window. :)
All in all we had fun, so we will definitely mini golf again!  Next time I think we will try some place outside, though.  The boys have a Mini Golf Wii game, so they have lots of opportunity to practice before our next trip!

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