Tuesday, April 05, 2011


As part of our Japan study, the week before last we visited a Japanese hibachi for lunch, thinking that the kids would love it.  I guess I wasn't really thinking, cause you know the boys don't eat anything.  So it was pretty pricey for simply a bowl of white rice. :) 

Noah really loved watching the whole thing though.  I made the mistake of telling the boys that the chef's put on a show for you while they cook your food.  So when we got there Wy kept asking where the TV was.  I couldn't figure out what he meant and then he said, "You said they would put on a show!!"  Ha!  It went well, though, till the guy lit the grill on fire.  Wyatt absolutely FREAKED out.  Screaming, sobbing, begging to be taken home.  And he stayed that way pretty much for the rest of the dinner.   We weren't able to get any pics though, cause we were holding him the whole time.  It was so ridiculous it was funny!

Annie was also a bit difficult so we had to leave her in her carseat.  The girl has become WILD at the dinner table.  Trying to grab everything, eat everything, and drink any cup she can get her mouth onto.  You can see Noah entertained her by playing music on her carseat with a chopstick!

Our next stop in geography is India, so I don't think we will be dragging the kids to any Indian restaurants.  And you know what Josh's common response to where do you want to eat is, "Anything but Indian."  :)

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Elinette said...

Great pictures. It's so funny because Japanese and Indian are our two favorite cuisines. :)