Sunday, February 12, 2012

Build a Boat!

I had no idea such a simple activity would thrill the kids so much!  The history for our first grade curriculum is all Bible history, and we are loving it!!  Noah is creating the most amazing Bible notebook - a page for each of the major stories.  He writes a title (we are working our way up to a summary sentence) and draws a picture.  He absolutely loves going back through it every day and discussing every single story.  He repeated tells me how much he LOVES "doing Bible."  He is basically talking about just My Father's World - he cheers when I pull the teachers guide out every day.  I can't say enough good things about it!

Anyways, during our lesson on Noah they suggest having the kids build boats out of foil and seeing how many coins they will hold.  This is such a great lesson cause the kids really learned about how hard it is to make a boat that actually floats.  It really made them think about all Noah went through building such a massive boat if it took them that much work to make a tiny one.  You can see even Annie got in on the action.

Noah made me laugh cause after a few minutes he ran off and got his box of small plastic animals.  They turned them into real arks with animals inside!  So much fun!

I also have to add that every time I think of this I think of the Noah Build A Boat song on The Singing Bible (Focus on the Family).  Do you own that CD?  The music can be a bit difficult for parents to listen to, but the kids LOVE it.  It has really helped them get the sequence of events down, and also cemented the main people into their brain.  Check it out!!

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