Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

I am so incredibly backlogged with pictures and events! I know I am going to kick myself years from now when I look back at this and wonder why we didn't do anything for three months!

The kids had the best Valentine's Day yet this year! We got to celebrate two days in a row. We had friend's invite us over for a party at their house the day of, which the kids loved. We forgot to take pics till we were leaving and we only got the Horton's and ourselves!  Annie was especially tickled to have her own bag of goodies to bring home!

The next day our homeschool group had their annual skating party.  The kids had to design their own boxes and they had a contest for the most creative ones.  I showed the boys TONS of ideas online and they insisted we make these adorable lego boxes.

They didn't win, but they loved it anyways!  At first Wyatt was all about the skating, cause we had been before and he was really good at it....

But for some reason he was miserable and scared this time and he spent most of the party like this....

It was really quite sad!  Noah on the other hand has a blast.  He got to hang out with friends that he hasn't seen in forever so he was tickled pink.

The boy seriously skated the ENTIRE time.  The next day he was sore and was so confused as to why his body hurt.  :)  Annie spent most of her time eating.  There were TONS of sweets, so she was in hog heaven!

She didn't care whose plate it was, if she saw something good she was going to take it and eat it!  She was super bummed out that she couldn't go out onto the rink floor, so it is just as well that the food distracted her.  Wyatt did finally find something fun to do....

And Annie was thrilled at the very end they let all the kids go out in their shoes and do the YMCA.  Annie had Lesley to help her out!

I know it is weird but I was pretty nervous to be there, cause it was my first time at a skating rink since my world was shattered while at a rink with Josh's cancer diagnosis last year.  I truly had anxiety about going, but I was surrounded by friends and only had to think about it about 50% of the time.  ;) 

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