Monday, February 13, 2012

CiCi's Field Trip!

I cannot express how happy I am that we came back to the co-op this year!  The boys are both loving it, and it makes me happy they get to have these great experiences with their Friday School Friends.  Cici's does a little tour of the kitchen and the kids get to make their own pizzas, which they actually bake.  If you have experienced the Texas Roadhouse field trip then you know they just trick the kids into thinking they really bake the rolls they  make.  I was a BIT grossed out, but didn't eat it anyway cause of the whole Paleo thing. 

I helped Wyatt make his, but we didn't get any pics cause it was so crowded.  Wyatt did manage to lean forward onto his pizza and get tomato sauce all over his shirt.  :)  Ahhh, our little Pigpen!

The kids then went and played games while they waited for the pizza to bake.  I told the kids I wasn't giving them money for games, so Wyatt was super smart and brought his own wallet.  But the poor kid is so generous he was passing out money to anybody who held out their hand.  After about five bucks I took the wallet and put it away.  Little did I know that he went back and got it and evidently used up the rest of the money.  I have the feeling some older kids took advantage of his generosity.  When we got there he had 16 bucks, and when we left it was empty!  I wanted to feel bad for him, but he seemed super happy that he played games with his friends and didn't care about the money at all. 

Annie enjoyed herself quite a bit as well.  The girl loves her some pizza!  You can see how happy she is.... pizza all over her face and a brownie in her hand!  She is definitely momma's girl!!

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