Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Its raining, its pouring.........

My little boy is snoring!! The super cozy rainy weather lulled my baby into sleeping late again today! All the way till 8:30....... I'm kind of actually starting to remember life before the baby! :) It was so cozy both of us actually stayed in our pajamas all day! FUN!

Noah J had TONS of fun playing in the rain this afternoon. There were thunderstorms this morning but in the evening it was a nice soft rain so I let him play on the driveway where I could stay protected by the porch and the garage eaves. He touched the water droplets on the crape myrtle flowers, swooshed the water around on Grandma's car, and played with the water coming out of the gutter downspout. I hardly even had to give him a bath.

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