Thursday, April 05, 2007

The rest of the room!

So here is the rest of the room! We're still not completely done, but almost. We need to finish painting the chairs, fix the cord hanging from the moon, and move some more stuff from the nursery, but other than that we are finished! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! Didn't my mom do a great job!?!

Noah loves to blow at the smoke coming out of the train, to count the hot air balloons, to kiss the lizard and the frogs, and to look at the fish. He also thinks its great fun to jump around on his bed while we sing the "peanut sitting on a railroad track" song. It wasn't as scary when the bed was on the ground, but now it makes me a bit nervous!

We are going to hang some pictures up on the cork boards on his doors, which I think he will just love. He already loves drawing on the chalkboards, but unfortunately draws on other stuff as well. Luckily its just chalk so it comes right off!

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The Howard Family Blog said...

Oh it so cute! It could be a room in a magazine! I am soo impressed. Josh, you did such a wonderful job on the bed and your mom could seriously start a business!!!! Hooray. Well wishes on the sleeping in the bed. GET A GATE! That is my advice :)