Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter pics

So I'm finally getting around to posting our Easter pictures. Noah J had TONS of fun hunting for eggs in our yard, and successfully stomped on every single flower we had in the process. Then he found his Easter basket, and enjoyed checking out each and every toy. He got a bubble machine that he was obsessed with - we ran out of bubbles the same day! He was so funny cause he thought that he was supposed to stand there and put the bubbles all on Daddy's car - I guess he thought he was washing it.

Then the grand finale Easter gift arrived - his stroller!! We were pleased to find this lovely "boyish" stroller at Toys R Us so Noah J didn't have to get a pink/purple one. He was so excited about the stroller he wasn't sure which toy to play with - the bubbles or the stroller. Now he puts his stuffed "big blue fish" (the fat fish from Dr. Seuss's One Fish, Two Fish book) in the stroller and pushes him around the house and just laughs and laughs.

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