Thursday, April 05, 2007

Behold....The Federalist

So Noah J's bed is finally complete!! We put it all together at finished setting up his room today. Tomorrow night will be his first night to try it out, so we will need lots of prayers and well wishes!

We didn't expect it to turn out as tall as it is, but he seems to do OK with the stepstool. I'm hoping it will keep him from trying to get out of the bed at night! We had such a hard time finishing the bed but we are really pleased with how it came out. We purchased some paint from Sherwin Williams and tried it out on a scrap piece of wood and decided that we needed to take it back. It was still wet to the touch after 3 days!!!!!!!! And we went to the store and they said, well, it could take up to 30 days to cure. Obviously, we don't have 30 days, so they gave us our money back. Instead we found this great milk paint, and the color is called "Federal Blue". So we decided the name of the bed is "The Federalist." It sounds so regal, doesn't it??

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