Monday, August 13, 2007

Beyond Bounce

Noah J and Maddie had one last summetime date today. Maddie is spending a week with her grandparents, and then will be going back to the sitter during the day, so today was our very last summer fun day. She was also gone last week, so yesterday when he saw her he was SO happy. They were playing in Noah's room and we walked in on them standing there hugging and kissing! And then today they were winking at each other at lunch. Too funny!!

So we took them to Beyond Bounce and they were so brave. Last time Noah wouldn't do anything, but he just jumped right in and started going down the slides! It was really nice cause on Monday mornings its only kids under 4, so he could try everything out. Then we went to CiCi's for lunch, so we had a really fun day for just $10!! I don't know what poor Noah J is going to do now that his Maddie girl is gone!

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