Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Hottest Coolest Time in Texas

We had such a great day - we took the boys to Schlitterbahn Galveston! Noah really had a great time. He was a bit timid at first, but before we left he even went down some slides by himself! You know he HATES when water gets in his face, but he was really great about it. He also really despises having a wet shirt on, but he was super excited to have a water shirt like his Daddy so he didn't try to take it off. Wyatt spent most of the day with Granny just hanging out poolside - but he was so good! No fussing or crying. If we had taken Noah at 3 months old we would have constantly been trying to keep him calm! He didn't smile much during the day, so I'm thinking he didn't really like it so much. When we got in the car to go home he just smiled and talked to me the entire way! But they both were exhausted so I'm thinking they will sleep well tonight.

I'm so sorry if my boobs are hanging out in these pictures! I told Josh he should have told me to pull up my top! He assures me there is absolutely nothing wrong with how much boob I'm exposing - he says I didn't pull an Elaine with nipple showing! None the less, I apologize if its more than you care to see! :)

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